Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Get UEFA League Updates On Android With HTC FootballFeed

Soccer season is in full swing, with everyone hoping for their favorite team to dominate their league. Just yesterday, we reviewed the International Federation of Association Football’s official FIFA app for Android and iOS. And now, following its three-year partnership with UEFA, the Taiwanese mobile maker HTC has also released a new Android app to let football fans follow the UEFA Champions League and Europa League on their mobile devices. Available for free at Google Play Store, HTC FootballFeed delivers a ton of awesome features like live coverage of football events, news and articles, information on the latest standings, competing clubs and players etc.

The interface of the app, which is basically based on HTC’s BlinkFeed homescreen design that was introduced in HTC Sense 5, is fully customizable so that you may easily follow only the teams and games you want. Match schedules can be sent to your calendar so you don’t miss out on anything, and can keep up with the scores even when you’re on the road.
The landing screen comprises of a user friendly design, letting you swipe leftward and rightward to navigate among Highlights, Stats and Gallery. Likewise scrolling up and down reveals more content within the current section.
While Highlights and Gallery are mostly about news and photos, Stats gives you more forensic data about current standings, clubs and matches etc. There’s also a Promotion section in the app that, although empty as of this writing, will offer exclusive promotions and competitions for anyone using the app in the future.

Users can also switch between UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League on the fly via taping the drop-down menu. The Clubs menu can prove handy when you want to keep a tab on only a specific club or football team. If what you’re looking for in the app (such as a team or club) is not visible by default, you can always use the integrated search option to find it. Another interesting bit is the push notification functionality for  receiving instant alerts, as well as a 15-minute countdown feature that lets you know when a match is about to kick off.
Other features include details on all upcoming matches in both tournaments, club pages with relevant facts and stats, and squad line-ups for each match.

HTC FootballFeed is available for all Android devices running Jelly Bean 4.1 and above. You can download it from Google Play via the following link.
Install HTC FootballFeed from Play Store